Sunday, September 30, 2007

Paths of Glory

Ted Racier's World War I wargame, Paths of Glory is probably my favorite game right now.

It was published in 1999, but I only heard about it when I got back into boardgaming about a year ago. I purchased it and got my wargaming friend (Lionel) to try it. He liked it, but due to our schedules playing an 8+ hour game seemed impossible.

And then I found out that it had a VASSAL module. We had played VASL (the ASL precursor to VASSAL) before, and it was great for either real-time games or (woo!) play-by-email games. And so we commenced the Great War.

(You can see the report of our first turn here. And the second turn here. Alas - no third turn report yet. Also, no third turn! Lionel has gotten unavoidably busy and the time between responses has gotten longer and longer. And now it's been a couple of months - so I thing that particular war is enjoying a permanent armistice.

But there is new hope! I got myself put on the VASSAL players Geeklist at Board Game Geek, and soon enough was approached by Alex who had just purchased PoG. Would I be willing to teach him via VASSAL PBEM?

Heck yeah! We started a game last Thursday (9/20/07), and we just started into turn 2 today! Alex is great, and even though I'm supposedly teaching him he's doing very well... Actually kind of kicking my ass down in Austria-Hungary at the moment. (He's the Allies, I'm the Central Powers...)

Watch for a session report coming soon.

Meanwhile, with my regular gaming group (Lionel, Rich, Mat, Will, Patrice), we're still struggling to get everyone together to finish Spirit of the Century characters. I was hoping to do it yesterday, but illness was my excuse this time - I stayed home and recuped whilst watching Atlantis and Torchwood.

I hope to get enough done before TroyCon that I can run a session of it... but it's not looking good. (What is TroyCon? Well, it happens October 21st, and details will follow!)

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