Sunday, September 9, 2007

Spirit of the Century

After talking about it for several weeks, we've finally got a couple characters started for SotC!

(If you're not familiar with this fascinating RPG, you can check it out here.)

It's designed as a "pickup game", for when life interferes with your regular game session. And our GM couldn't make it last night, so we four players were going to sit down to make characters (with me being the GM.) Ironically, one of the players (Rich) had car trouble and couldn't make it!

At least Lionel and Patrice were able to get started on their characters - we didn't finish, as they were the two with only a vague idea of their character concepts. Since Rich has 5 or 6 concepts already fleshed out, it should work pretty well the next time we all get together to finish up...

More later.

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